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Spring Tips For Your Home From Experienced Property Managers

Lidieth Macicek - Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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Spring is here and it's time to address items inside and outside of your home. At Area Texas Realty & Management we believe it's better being proactive instead of reactive. Our 20+ years in the Houston Property Management business has taught us taking care of these issues before they become a problem can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Here are a few Spring Tips for your home.


Clean the coils and change all of the filters. Servicing an AC once a year in our hot and humid client is a must do and changing your filters on a regular basis will extend the life of the system.


Check exterior plumbing for any damages incurred over the winter. This includes a thorough check of the sprinkler system. A small leak from a cracked pipe of leaky hose bib can run up your water bill and create moisture issues next to your foundation.


Clogged gutters from leaves and debris can back up and work its way over the flashing and down the walls into the interior of the home. This can go undetected for years. and can cause hidden mold and mildew along with roof and eaves damage.


Falling limbs onto the home can cause serious damage to the roof and overgrown shrubs can facilitate wood rot and damage to windows form brushing up against the home.


Check caulking around all windows and doors along with weather stripping to avoid any water penetration. It's also important to check that all painted surfaces are covered and can withstand the heat and humidity of summer.


If you have a pool, make sure the filter is clean. This will help the filter be more efficient and there will be less stress on the pump. It will also create cleaner water and fend off any algae problems. If you find something wrong and you feel unconformable with making the necessary repairs, AREA Texas Realty & Management has you covered.  We can get you connected with trusted experts!

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